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Happy Birthday to my son and thanks for the many days of snow

I'm writing this to wish my son, John, a happy birthday. When he was born, it was during one of the biggest snowstorms I had ever experienced. My wife and I had just come to this country a few years before and every day felt like wandering through a snowstorm; learning the language, the culture, and the fashion industry.

The night John was born, there was so much snow that I could hardly see more than two feet ahead of me. I look back and think how dangerous it was to drive to the hospital. I should have called an ambulance or the police. But I didn't know any better.

Thank God, we made it to the hospital without any problems. John was born at around 1 am on February 7th and everything turned out OK. Looking back, that was the easy part. Little did I know that becoming a new parent would become a different kind of storm, one with a lot of snow but also a lot of beauty and joy over the years.

More recently, John has helped me find my way through a different kind of snowstorm. Over the past several years, we have worked together to change the business. When he was a young boy, retail meant going to a store, meeting a salesperson and trying on a garment. Today, it means going on your phone, your "black box."

John helped bring our business into this new era by putting our business on Poshmark. We've been selling online for almost 4 years now and have reached customers all over the country. This is beyond anything I ever imagined. It was like finding my way in a snowstorm of a different kind and I couldn't have done it without him.

Happy Birthday, son.




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