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Put a bow (tie) on it

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Last year, I started branching out into designing and making accessories. One that I've always been fascinated with are bowties.

Before 2021, I didn't wear bow ties often except for formal occasions, in which I would have to get dressed up in a tuxedo. We call this a "black tie" affair. But beyond that, I would either wear standard ties or wear button down shirts without a tie.

However, I always enjoyed the look and style of bow ties. After spending 2020 designing and donating masks to the state of Maryland, I wanted to try something new. I spent a couple weeks studying bow ties; how they're made, who sells them and at what price. As with any new design, I started with a pattern. First, I drafted several patterns, including for different sizes. Once I had the pattern locked in, I made my first bow tie and handkerchief set.

Throughout the summer and fall, I got into the habit of making bow ties, sometimes several a week. I would "test" these out by wearing them to church on Sundays, mixing up different colors, patterns and cuts. The ties always got compliments and questions.

I've since expanded our line to include bow ties and handkerchiefs. I see more and more young people sporting them and they've made a come back in recent years. We have since sold many and recently listed them online on our Poshmark store.

Styles come and go and fashion trends are often temporary. Some though, like bow ties, are timeless.



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